Strange hobby

Some people collect dinky-toys, I collect children. That looks a little weird but I will try to explain what I mean with that.

I like to go on holidays to developing countries. The first time was in West Africa (Ghana), you feel a little ashamed because you have money and they don’t. So you give the beggars and the street children some money. But then you think this is not the way, you should give them some food. The next time you go you’ll keep that in mind. The next time was Kenya. In one place I had “adopted” some children for the time I stayed there, every morning and evening they came to me and I took them to a restaurant to give them some food. Again you start thinking: “Is this the right way”. No, because when you leave the help is stopped.

What then?

In 1999  I was in Uganda and I met a nurse, we talked and at the end she told me that she had a sister who was recently divorced. The sister had three girls who had to go to school. She asked me if I was willing to support her sister with the school fees. I agreed, because now I found a way to help in a more structural way. The next year I was again visiting Uganda (the pearl of Africa according to Winston Churchill and he was right) and visited “my children”. I found out that she beside the three girls also had a son. This boy was a little disabled, maybe that was the reason why they didn’t mention him the year before. I thought that he also should have the opportunity to go to school, so I said that they have to find a school for him too. That is what they did.

I started with three children, the next year it were four. The year after I “collected” five others. The people know that you sponsor, every time I visit Uganda I get more requests up to know I have about 70 children. In 2004 I established a foundation, because it became to costly for me, the tax had to pay a part.

Luckily I found two persons in Uganda who are trustworthy and can take care that the money is going to the children.

The foundation pays now for the school fees for those children, for primary and secondary education.

Hope that you now know what collecting children means.