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Visit to the children

My stay in Uganda in December 2013 till January 2014.

The reason why I go every year is that I have to check if the money that the foundation spends is well spend. This is done through going through the books. It is the rule that if the children will collect the money for paying the schoolfees they have to write i tinto the book. So it is much easier for me to control it. Because the foundation only supports children upto secondary school I can also sse if some wil lor have finished it this year and if that is the case I can also check if there is money available for new “adoptions”.
This year (2013) I noticed that they spent too much, so I had to cut the amounts fors ome. But this makes clear that you have to check every year, just to bes ure that the financial situation stays sound.
Besides this I also gave a party for all the children and thir caretaker(s). This is to them the yearly happening. They got a complete meal, some soda’s and they can meet eachother. Unfortunally not all were present. The “Summer holiday” in Uganda is from the beginning of December till half of January and because if the kids are home they will cost alot, some of them will during this holiday to the countryside to stay with other familymembers. And just to go back for one day to Kampala will be too costly. But the ones who were present really enjoyed it. The party finsihed with dancing.

The dancing at the end of the party Cuting the cake The cake The children that visited the party